centro di ricerca per la tecno⋆alchemia
Via Roberto Bellarmino, 13, Milano
chromakairos is a techno•alchemy research center specializing in the design of objects + experiences that bridge physical + digital worlds.

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Be the first in the world to experience our soon-to-launch collection of talismans for transhuman times. Each piece is a portable work of art equipped with a reprogrammable NFC chip. Share your contact information, send texts or leave calls, turn on the timer or play your favorite song or video. Create personal portable rituals to keep you present in the moment.

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Have a project idea we can help bring to life? Our turnkey creative and fabrication services bridge physical + digital worlds, whether through custom electronics, interactive objects, HTML5 web apps, video animations, informational and functional user journeys, AR filters, and more. Our method takes a sensory approach to user experience, drawing from research in neuroscience, sensory studies, and transformational experience design.