Festivals + Conferences

Give your guests access to your lineup, vendor map, or their own personalized event schedule, all right from their wristband or lanyard! Our smart object solutions let you share useful information, manage event access, and even create special edition perks + collectibles.

CHROMAKAIROS creates physical portals to digital content. We offer sourcing, design, fabrication, and programming services, or can collaborate with your existing design or tech team. From almost infinitely customizable NFC-enabled wristbands, lanyard badges, and tickets to keychains, jewelry, collectibles, and more, your brand and values remain at the center.

Smart Solutions

Our team draws from the fields of human-centered and UX design, education, and research in transformational experience to deliver solutions attuned to your attendees' needs and the unique context of your event. In addition to product fabrication, we can provide digital content creation or consulting services to bring your vision to life. Learn more about our approach.

Browse sample product solutions or learn why NFC is the right tool to maximize user experience at an affordable price.


Your attendees will always have the event program or map onhand with our smart wristbands. Available both for one-time use and in reusable fabric and silicone versions in a variety of form factors. A simple and cost-effective way to supercharge your attendees' experience.


Turn event tickets into a memorable souvenir! Link to event photos + recordings, embed limited edition content, or access special features.


From keychains to earrings, notepads, totes, and more, add the power of connectivity to your merch. Link to the festival program or map, or treat fans to digital perks like music, artwork and more. In addition to typical gadgets, we can produce custom pieces in materials including metals, ceramic, wood, plastics, and textiles.


Personalizable in various sizes, prints, textiles, and closures. Badges can unlock exclusive digital content or be used for check-in and access control. Unlike tickets or wristbands, badges can be designed with multiple points of functionality.

Why NFC?

NFC technology is a cost-effective way to supercharge your attendee's experience. We're firm adherents to humane technology design. We specialize in NFC services specifically because of their capacity to improve user experience and keep people grounded in the moment.

Wide adoption

An estimated 92% of smartphones are equipped to work with NFC… but many users don’t even know it! Show off your pioneering spirit and let them in on the secret of this timesaving, stress-minimizing technology.

On-hand access...literally

NFC adds a seamless digital layer to physical objects. Your attendees can immediately access the festival program/lineup or other content with a simple tap of their smartphone, anytime anywhere. There’s no need to download special apps or mess around looking for saved links. Unlike QR codes, NFC works perfectly even in the dark.

Limitless customization

Chips can be embedded in a wide variety of materials, from one-time use tickets and wristbands to luxury wearables, sculptures, and more. The technology itself is invisible, making for a more intimate + immediate user experience.


Basic NFC chips are extremely affordable. With our sector experience + network of providers, we can help select a chip + antenna combo tuned to your specific needs, at an unbeatable price.

What makes us different

Creating compelling user experiences is both an art and a science. At CHROMAKAIROS we bring both to the table, making it possible to design custom solutions that scale to meet your budget and your audience's needs. Already have your own design or tech dream team? We’re happy to collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Turnkey services

Our expertise bridges physical and digital worlds. We can collaborate with your design staff/contractors, or bring to life your ideas for both physical products + digital content, maintaining your brand throughout.

Infinite customization

Looking for an inexpensive smart solution for general admission but a unique collectible for VIPs? We're fabricators at heart, not resellers, so we can mix and match solutions to fit the needs of a specific event or as you scale over time. We’ll call in our network of vetted quality suppliers where it gets you the best price, but we can also manufacture entirely custom creations, including in luxury materials like metal, wood, and ceramic. Our smart solutions will be seamless across all use cases.


Our team’s expertise in designing compelling experiences bridges practices from across art, science, technology, and design. Whether you’re seeking an efficient, intuitive way for your audience to access content or an unexpected interactive experience they’ll remember long after the event, we’re excited to co-create a solution with you.

Accessible by default

We incorporate universal design principles into our work from the start. From graphics to print to web, we test all materials meant for public use for accessibility. We can also provide consulting on how our solutions might help your organization communicate or manage the sensory + physical accommodations available to attendees.

Get in touch

Drop us a line to tell us about your project, or let us know when we could meet for a free 30-minute consultation.