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Gallerie dell’Arte Lugano

L’arte è sempre con te

How does it work?

Simply touch your smartphone to the front of your portal: along the top back edge for iPhone or the back center on Android (if you’ve used wireless payments or contact exchange, bring the portal to that same location).

If your phone has NFC enabled, you’ll get a notification to instantly open the GAL website or it will open automatically.

Does it work with my phone?

If you’ve bought a new phone since 2018, it’s very likely it can read + write NFC tags (the technology that powers your portal). You don’t need to download any special app. Check out our guide or consult our chatbot Mobi to check for sure!

The idea

We envision a world where the physical and digital seamlessly converge, clothed in the rich tapestry of human materials + tradition. We believe technology should be humane and empowering: woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, not isolated in digital screens, requiring complex interactions. Our NFC talismans represent this philosophy, inviting you to live a more connected and efficient life, all while holding the beauty + tactility of the physical world in your hand.

Techno-Alchemy Research Center

Questo talismano è stato creato appositamente da CHROMAKAIROS per GAL allo scopo di donarvi un piccolo gioiello che vi tenga sempre connessi con gli eventi delle gallerie della città.