chromakairos is a techno•alchemy research lab that creates objects + experiences that bridge physical + digital worlds. We specialize in the design + fabrication of talismans that incorporate NFC technology, letting people launch websites, experience augmented reality, share contact details, and much more all with a simple tap of their phone. This September we’ll be launching the chromastone collection of talismans for transhuman times. Come visit our storefront workshop/showroom in Milan’s Chiesa Rossa neighborhood!

Techno-talismans for the modern wayfarer. Making technology simple + empowering, woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Personal rituals

Your chromastone can be a physical shortcut to just about anything you can do on your phone. Open songs and playlists, log health data, make phone calls or send texts, check directions, + much more. Stack multiple actions into a single chromastone ritual to supercharge your day!

Limited editions

No more getting lost in an endless TikTok feed. Our handcrafted talismans become instant portals, linking your fans or clients directly to your latest updates, website, or social media. Give them away as promotional shwag or commision a custom limited edition collectible.

Interactive signage

Share interactive experiences, product details, festival maps + more. Unlike QR codes, the end result blends seamlessly with your aesthetic. Or create tactile portals to your audio descriptions or guided tours, making it more intuitive than ever for attendees with low vision or blindness to connect with your content.