Cultivate your Now

Wearable, portable talismans that bridge your physical + digital worlds. Start your chromastone journey this fall.


Simply bring your phone near your chromastone to open documents, get directions, control your music or smart home devices, track fitness goals, and much more. No apps to download + no subscriptions or fees.


Every chromastone can be set up to trigger specific links or shortcuts. Change your mind? It’s easy to reset, as often as you want. Our limited edition collections feature colours + materials to match your style, or customize your chromastone with your own artwork or photo.


chromastones are like physical shortcuts to digital actions. They eliminate the confusion + distraction of opening different apps or scrolling through settings, making them easy to use at any age. Put the focus back on what you need to accomplish.

Design your personal ritual

Technology, Meet Tradition

Chromastones combine ancient understandings of the power of materials, colors, and ritual with the modern-day magic of technology. From shells, wood, and gemstones to limited edition artworks, each Chromastone is steeped in its unique energy, look, and material history.

How does it work?

Your chromastone is equipped with an NFC chip that can be easily programmed with digital shortcuts to just about anything you can do on your Android or iPhone. Make calls, launch webpages, adjust phone settings, and much more. Simply bring your phone near the chromastone to activate that shortcut!

Start your journey this September